• Pleasant Valley Farm

    A family farm offering a variety of heritage breed livestock as well as organically grown produce, grass fed meats and more. Baby poultry available March-June yearly, including Delaware & Barred Rock chicks, Bourbon Red turkey poults, Khaki Campbell ducklings & Coturnix quail. Also raising Silver Fox rabbits and have occasional Read more [...]

  • Redland Farm & Apiary

    We are a family-owned, exurban, micro-farm where we cultivate poultry and eggs from happy, range free chickens and honey products from bees brought to our bee sanctuary. We also have fruits and seeds grown without any chemical interference to make them grow or produce fruit. ​Water direct from the aquifer Read more [...]

  • American Bresse Chickens

    Rare American Bresse chickens, This is a dual purpose chicken… The meat is sought out by top chef’s world wide… Excellent layers of cream colored Eggs… 250-300 Eggs a year, start laying around 4.5 months, which is a month before heritage breeds… Equal better turn around on your investment… Temperament Read more [...]

  • Country Pleasures Farm

    Farm fresh eggs available year round. Also handcrafted soaps. Pasture raised in season, non-gmo and organic feed, also given supplements that boost the nutrition and taste of eggs. For instance… *Sea Buckthorn extract – said to boost rare omega 7 oil, native herbs, red palm – contains the highest amounts Read more [...]

  • Oak Meadow Farm

    Oak Meadows Farm is a small-scale, pasture-based, diversified livestock farm. We are centrally located between Bellingham, Ferndale, and Lynden, Washington. We are devoted to raising happy and healthy poultry and livestock in a sustainable manner that benefits both the land and the animals. Our goal is to provide local residents Read more [...]

  • Wamego Valley Farm

    Wamego Valley Farm, in central Mississippi, is a 15 Acre wooded and small pasture family farm raising free roaming omnivore hens laying brown eggs. They are supplementally fed a NON-GMO feed for a balanced diet. We sell our eggs every Saturday year round at the Mississippi Farmer’s Market at the Read more [...]