• Pleasant Valley Farm

    A family farm offering a variety of heritage breed livestock as well as organically grown produce, grass fed meats and more. Baby poultry available March-June yearly, including Delaware & Barred Rock chicks, Bourbon Red turkey poults, Khaki Campbell ducklings & Coturnix quail. Also raising Silver Fox rabbits and have occasional Read more [...]

  • Seelye Brook Farms

    Seelye Brook Farms is located in Anoka county, Minnesota which focuses on regenerative agriculture, nutrient-dense food, and soil health. We sell grass-fed lamb, pastured poultry, pastured eggs, mini-lop rabbits, registered Tunis sheep, annual vegetables, and fruit and nut perennials.

  • Elior Acres, LLC

    We are a 168A farm nestled just outside of the Sunapee Mountain area, we are hilly and rocky and all of our Heritage breeds love it, from Spanish Goats to American Guinea Hogs. We sell eggs, chicken, sausage, ground goat and rabbit, both at farmers markets and at the farm.

  • Hickory Valley Hatchery

    Small hobby poultry farm, offering Narragansett turkey, Bantam Polish (Buff-laced, white crested black), Bantam Silkies, coturnix quail, and peafowl. Hatching eggs and chicks available seasonally. Also started birds and older breeders available at times. 10 years experience in shipping!

  • Evening Chaos Farm

    Free range chicken and duck eggs for sale. Local duck and ducking sales including show quality Snowy Call, Magpie, and Pekin, as well as many pet quality duck breeds. Also, geese, turkeys, and homing pigeons raised.

  • Rockin’ HL Ranch

    Chicks, Guineas, Keets, Turkeys, Poults and Egg Incubation Services Rockin’ HL Ranch, 30518 George Smith Road, Squaw Valley, CA. We are located in the mountains east of Fresno about 35 minutes, off of Highway 180 leading to Kings Canyon National Park. Our mailing address is P. O. Box 526, Squaw Read more [...]